Creating intelligent lighting solutions for the future generation.

Creating intelligent lighting

solutions for the future generation.

Clair Electronics is an associate company of J.G. Group. J.G. group was established in 1909 and has since been a rapidly growing business group in India and oversees, with significant global operations. The family owned group is a renowned organisation with offices in India, Dubai, Africa and Hong Kong. The group is engaged in global trading of various diversified products, finance and investments, hospitality, real estate and infrastructure development.

Clair Electronics was incorporated in 2006, with over a decades experience in lighting and various electrical products. Clair Electronics has since set-up a state- of-the-art LED Lighting fixture manufacturing and assembly line, in Noida, India, with a capacity of 7 million lighting products per annum, while also being equipped with a R&D Lab and innovation centre to constantly be in tandem with customer needs, whilst providing sustainable solutions.




Our vision is to provide eco-friendly and intelligent solutions, by not only providing sustainable and energy efficient lighting, but also reducing carbon footprint


Clair has been at the forefront of eco-friendly & intelligent solutions in the lighting industry. The vision of the company is to provide high performance lighting solutions and significantly reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and energy demand in a way that is economically compelling, facilitated by our state of the art machinery. The tools of our trade produce sustainable and long lasting products that blend perfectly in residential, commercial and industrial setting

With some of the brightest minds working together in our innovation centre, we aim to steer-head a future of sustainable and energy efficient solutions with a significantly reduced carbon emission.


Clair Electronics is playing a leading role in the culture of LED Innovation. We strive to become the global provider of intelligent environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions for professional and consumer applications.

Sustainable Future

Over the last few decades, the lighting industry has accounted for nearly five percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, which has been an aching call for sustainable alternatives to the traditional lighting solutions. Eco- friendly and intelligently controlled lighting system has thus become the heart of a sustainable future.

Compared to conventional halogen lights, LED lighting solutions consume significantly less primary energy for the same light output, resulting in a much better eco-balance.

Due to much longer life and high efficiency output in LEDs, they are required to be recycled far less frequently than conventional light sources. In addition, with the rapid advancement and innovation in the performance of LEDs, they are at least five times more efficient than the traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs, making them the most energy efficient and cost effective lighting option over the system life.

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Our Team

Our Team Members

Doulat Jain

Doulat Jain, the brain-child behind Clair Electronics, saw an opportunity to spearhead sustainable lighting solutions in India and be at the forefront of change. He has always been at the core of diversifying JG group's portfolio and business development. He truly believes that success in business is a function of long term relationships with suppliers as well as clients.

Our Team Members

Rajesh Jain

Rajesh Jain has been a key figure in the group's international operations. JG Group has become a name to reckon with among suppliers from the world over under the leadership of Rajesh Jain. He travels extensively to various parts of the world to establish a reliable source for various diversified products and plays a pivotal role in accelerating the growth of JG group and all of its ancillaries, including Clair Electronics, with his deep knowledge of global business environments and practices.

Our Team Members

Mahesh Jain

Mahesh Jain is the pillar of JG Group which supports the operations of all of the diversified products and portfolios under the conglomerate. Clair electronics has accomplished numerous milestones that are credited to his extensive knowledge of the industry and dedication to being the best in the business, with equal commitment to innovation that will lead to sustainable solutions in the future.